Seitokai no Ichizon Episode 6: The Helping Student Council

In contrast with Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Seitokai no Ichizon is one of the easiest shows to describe ever. The story revolves around a student council, and their attempts to make their school, Hekiou Academy, a better place.


The Student Council.

Normally this sort of story sounds like something that might be boring and average. I mean, how can the adventures of a student council be entertaining at all to anyone?

However, this show takes a subject matter that would normally be absolutely blisteringly mundane, and transforms into one of the most consistently hilarious and likable shows ever. It even makes stamping club approval forms exciting.

How, you ask? Well, take the five student council members: Chizuru, Kurimu, Mafuyu, Minatsu, and Sugisaki. Kurimu is the president, Chizuru has an odd relationship with Kurimu that hasn’t really been elaborated on that much, Mafuyu and Minatsu are sisters, and Sugisaki is the VP, valedictorian shoo-in, and the only male in the council. That still doesn’t sound very thrilling, until you realize that Sugisaki is the main conflict here because the only goal in his self-quoted “eroge-based brain” is to attain the coveted “STUDENT COUNCIL HAREM END”.

And things just get even more ridiculous from there. Because did I mention that Chizuru is an intimidating sadist, Kurimu is a sweets-obsessed, vertically-challenged, lazy girl with minor delusions of grandeur, Minatsu is the typical “older-sister tsundere” (a role which she is fully aware of), and Mafuyu is a game-obsessed walkthrough wiki writer? And did I mention they’re all ridiculously attractive?

So we now have a student council where instead of doing activities like planting trees or volunteering to clean up after school, we have Kurimu ranting on about her motivational phrase of the day when no one is listening, Chizuru being a creepy dominatrix, Mafuyu playing her PSP, Minatsu chiding everyone, and Sugisaki, with his computer in tow all the while, trying to determine the best way to unlock each of their “paths”, an activity which is met with much disgust from the rest of the group. The result is, as you may have guessed, chaotic, absurd, and really, really fun to watch. The other result is a student council that, quite literally, doesn’t do anything productive.


The Student Council, hard at work.

You know you’re watching a quality show when the first episode opens up to a scene where the fourth wall is basically shattered upon impact, and the characters are discussing if it’s really a good idea to have their light novel made into an anime, while looking at unfavorable reviews of their novel on Amazon Marketplace.

But perhaps the bread and butter of Seitokai no Ichizon (God, did I really just type that cliche? Ugh) are the references. I would say the references in this series are on par with Lucky Star, but actually that’s not true. There are MORE. The references have been EVERYWHERE. In the first five minutes of the first episode, the characters had already riffed on Kuroshitsuji, scoffed at Haruhi’s popularity, trashed Dragonball: Evolution, and succinctly plagiarized Lucky Star’s now-(in)famous “Saa, hajimeru yo” (or whatever they say) opening. During the episode, there was mention of a light music club that used castanets (wonder who that could be). And of course, since it’s Studio DEEN, you get Fate stay/night references, you get a whole Strike Witches sequence, and naturally you get the “Uso da!” from Higurashi in one scene, after which then one of the characters claims that Higurashi is dated and Umineko is the current fad. I’m not sure, but I think it was around that point that I went ahead and gave the series a 10 on MAL having only watched the first episode, because honestly, I’ve never had that much fun with a pilot episode before.

As it turns out, the series has stayed consistently hilarious throughout. And now that we’ve got the background info out of the way, time to discuss the episode as a whole.


This happens at some point.

Overall, this episode wasn’t as fun as Episode 5, and the Student Council didn’t do much actual helping despite the title, but I expected as much, because Episode 5 set the bar so high for fun that you’d have to reach it with a ten-foot-pole whilst on top of a giraffe standing straight up.


This also happens at one point, but it's in Episode 5.

In other words, not as high as Episode 4, for which you would need a twenty-foot pole.

In addition, this episode was a trifle more serious, as in this episode it is learned that Mafuyu and Minatsu will (sob) be transferring out at the end of the year! No, Mafuyu! Don’t leave me! I neeed youuuu…


Actually, Kurimu used to be my favorite, but the whole “speaking in the third person” and “obsessed with games and BL” thing makes my heart go doki-doki. So sorry, Kurimu. But there are others who would take your flat chest any day.


However, it is really hard to resist you sometimes.

Another Higurashi reference in this one, too (listen for the trademark cicada chirp) as well as more hints that Minatsu might kinda like Keiichi–uh, I mean Sugisaki. OH, COME ON. THEY LOOK ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME, GUYS. IT’S AN EASY MISTAKE. After all, wouldn’t Sugisaki come visit Mafuyu and Minatsu the same way Keiichi would come visit Rena and Mion if they transferred out…oh wait a minute, Rena already did.

You realize that I’m going to have to write this now:



Separated at birth? Or the same person?


Separated at birth? Or the same person (just in higher quality)?

1. Same hair.

2. Same constant facial expression.

3. Around the same intelligence (Sugisaki is the valedictorian, and Keiichi, well, you have to be smart to be the protagonist of a Ryukishi07 novel)

4. Both main characters.

5. Same manly spirit and “can-do” attitude.

6. They both have a harem of insanely cute girls. And Keiichi totally wants a HAREM END too.

OK, actually, I’ve come to the conclusion that Keiichi and Sugisaki are actually THE EXACT SAME PERSON. Which I can only explain with some Ryukishi07-brand “twisted logic”:

Somehow, Rika died again, and then Bernkastel OMGOMG EDITED FOR SPOILERS

And that’s how it happened. That explains everything pretty well, I think. So now that that’s out of the way…yeah. Also to be noted is a Super Sentai parody.


I meant to upload another image here, but this is relevant enough. Konata and Bob Ross are always relevant.

Whether the girls like it or not, it seems like Keiichi/Sugisaki is going to build up his harem. Because I can see more than one girl at this point falling for him. So far, Minatsu, I think, has gotten the farthest with him at this point, mostly due to the scene at the end of Episode 5. It will be interesting to see how the relationships progress during the “serious” portions of the show, if they even progress at all. It doesn’t really matter to me. All I want is more references, and more humor. If the rest of the series gives me that, then it justifies, to me, the act of me giving it a 10. And I don’t plan to change the 10 anytime soon, because I have faith that it will deliver. See you for Episode 7, where I will be fully prepared for a better image dump next time. -RP


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